Synchronicity and the Great Wave of Kanagawa

Lately I keep seeing the number 11:11 when I look at the clock. So I asked around if there are others who have the same thing. And apparently I am not the only one, who sometimes notices these numbers. Some think it’s a message from your guardian angel, or an angel number. Or is it just plain coincidence? If you’re interested, check this out:

By the way: did you notice this blog once started on November 11th?

To give an example of synchronicity:

On my website,, I explain what Surfing through Life is all about. It’s an idea I have had for years and it preaches that life is like a set of waves, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. When you pay attention to life, you can learn how to surf these waves. At least, that’s what I believe. To illustrate my thesis the website also features some images of wave related themes, amongst them is the Great Wave of Kanagawa, some Japanese painting.

So, one day I have a job application with a company I really want to work for. I had already had a few video calls and now I was invited to the office for an actual face to face convo with the hiring manager. As I walked in he first offered me a cup of tea in the kitchen and then gave me a tour around the office. It was an old school building, with high ceilings and big windows. The office was empty since we were in the middle of the Corona lockdown. As he showed me around he pointed at the wall, which displayed all sorts of posters. ‘Everyone who works here got to pick a poster’, the manager explained. ‘And this is the one I picked’, so he points at this picture of a wave. The exact same picture that’s on the landing page of my website! Coincidence? I don’t know. But this had to be a good sign, right? Of all the posters in the world there was my Japanese waves picture, and of all the posters on the wall, that was the one this guy picked. The same guy I was hoping was going to offer me a job. That must have been what Carl Jung meant by Synchronicity. Two days later I received a phone call and I was offered the job.

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