Synchronicity 11:11

Lately I keep seeing the number 11:11 when I look at the clock. So I asked around if there are others who have the same thing. And apparently I am not the only one, who sometimes notices these numbers. Some think it’s a message from your guardian angel, or an angel number. Or is it just plain coincidence? If you’re interested, check this out:

By the way: did you notice this blog once started on November 11th?


Dear followers,

Usually I don’t talk politics, but today I feel like I can’t ignore one specific topic, which I call: Corona Madness.

In Holland we call COVID19, Corona, which is funny, because it’s the same as the beer and a hotel in the town I live in. I have some time off, so I have a lot of time to elaborate on what’s going on in the world around me. At the same time I have come to realize by now, I am indeed just a spec of dust in the Universe and the grander scheme of things. Therefore I would like to share this visual with you as we enter winter time soon (in the Northern Hemisphere that is):

More food for thought will follow soon, but for now:

Hasta la Pasta,

Love G

Howie the Harp

Well kids, this will be my last post for a while. I did my best, did my best in school, made a career and Intl. Business and still: my parents got sick, I got sick, I’m pretty much broke and single. So, good luck! Do whatever you feel like 😉 Because I went back to school today… Peace ✌🏻

What we do in life, echoes in eternity

Tesla electrical cars, Elon Musk, the first commercial flight into space, anyways, the talk of the century.

But few people know where the name Tesla comes from. Do you? The car is named after Nikola Tesla, a Serbian American electrical engineer who contributed to the invention of the AC electricity supply system, amongst other things.

‘What we do in life, echoes in eternity’. A very powerful line so beautifully expressed by Russell Crowe, who starred as General Maximus in the 2000 movie The Gladiator.

Nikola Tesla’s heritage still echoes in eternity. His AC electrical supply system, or ‘electricity’ is still used every day all over the world. And in another hundred years I’m sure many many more electrical cars will drive around, plus commercial flights will go into space all the time. All because of what Nikola Tesla did in his lifetime, and Elon Musk after him.

Tesla once said: ‘If you want to know the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration’. I do, I do think in terms of frequency. I believe life is like a set of waves, sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down.

What if you can learn to surf life like riding a set of waves? Find your own frequency and learn to surf life’s waves:

The waves of life

Growing up, I thought life was a linear upward line, or a nice round circle.

But this changed one day, when I was watching my brother ride waves from the beach. Watching him surf made me realize that in surfing you can find your right frequency, so to speak. What if you can learn how to ‘Surf Life’, I wondered. What if you can learn to ‘Surf Life’ like riding a set of waves?

I don’t think there is any doubt by now that there is an order in life, or in our Universe. Take the frequency of electromagnetic ‘waves’.

Are there others who believe you can ‘Surf Life’? I think Lao Tzu already gave a hint with his Taoism before he even knew what ‘surfing’ was. Taoism compares life to a river, it states that when we go along with the current, we align ourselves with its natural course. Hence, ‘going with the flow’.

Modern day writers as well, mention that ‘you can’t stop the ‘waves’, but you can learn how to surf’ (John Kabat Zinn). And that ‘when you go with the flow, you’re surfing life force’ (Danielle LaPorte).

In the end, to me, life is like a set of waves, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down.

For more inspiration on ‘Surfing Life’, check out

‘People doubt that your thoughts create reality for you. It doesn’t, if you’re just sitting around thinking about something. It doesn’t. But there’s no question if the energy and the vibrational frequency is correct, is in sync with what is to come your way, that there is a space that you create, that allows that to happen.’

– Oprah Winfrey

The ‘Vision Quest‘

In 2014 I was handed this book, called ‘The Book of the Vision Quest’. The story goes that in some indigenous tribes boys, who are about to become of age, are send into the wild for three days and three nights. All by themselves, without any food or water. During these solitary 72 hours they are to imagine what they will become once they return to their communities as men. Will they be a fisherman, a medicine man maybe?

This story inspired me to go on my own Quest to the rest of my life. It took me from The Netherlands to Australia and the US West Coast, back to my home country. I got lost and finally found myself in The Hague. The Quest is taking me a little bit longer than anticipated, but I trust in a bright outcome.