Life is like a box of chocolates

On my quest to the rest of my life I stumble upon a lot of content that helps me lead the way. And it makes me realize even more, I am, and have not been, the only ‘surfer’.

“Thinking of life as a journey is a metaphor. We can think of life’s journey in many different ways. From our beginning life is taking us to a destination with challenging adventures along the way. Life may be seen as an ocean voyage across unknown depths where storms occasionally toss us about as we seek the safety of calm shores. An old bluegrass song tells us that life is like journeying on a mountain railway with hills, tunnels, dangerous curves and the need of a brave engineer.

Other metaphors speak of life as a wheel taking us through the circularity of change. Life may be seen as a spiral leading us upward in our growth towards maturity. The movie character, Forest Gump, says that, “Life is like a box chocolates. You never know what you will get.” Take a chance and see what happens. Metaphors of life give us a vision of the life process and help us to understand what is required for the essential tasks of psychological and spiritual growth.”


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