The 7 Chakra Life Cycles

“The school of life is the place where you are always given an opportunity to learn. The process of learning makes the journey more interesting and gives you a chance to evolve. Exams in this school can be simply described as crisis years or times of drastic transformations in life. These are the years that test how well you were able to learn the lessons offered by the Universe and how well you have managed to implement the solutions to challenges in life. If you pass the exams, you are offered a chance to get to the next level in order to meet new teachers that help you learn new things about life.

Life Cycles and How to Do Well
in the School of Life

It is great when you have the knowledge on how to pass the tests that crisis years bring, but what if you don’t. The major signs that you are failing one of the exams are problems with health, personal as well as professional life.  Even if you have failed the exam, it doesn’t mean that your cycle of life ends.  If one of the exams turns out to be an unresolved challenge, you still have a chance to fix it during your next cycle. However, they do tend to pile up which makes it much harder to pass the exams of the previous cycles. Besides, you still have things to deal with during your current cycle. Constant failure can eventually lead to being expelled from the school of life, but sooner or later you would still have to pass the exams, perhaps in your “next life”

Just like everything in the Universe, human life has its cycles. You are probably well aware of different periods or stages in human life: you are born, you go through infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.

29-35 yrs

During this 7-year “semester”, you begin to exercise your own will. By this time you should have already discovered at least a hint of what your true purpose is. In other words you should know what makes you happy and now you have the energy of your will to make it happen. This is the cycle when you become the creator and you begin to test the limits of your creativity.

You are free to exercise your will within the limits of your mission and under guidance from your Higher Self (5th energy center or chakra is responsible for your own voice and willpower).  Your creativity has to be supported by your strong will and by the practical knowledge you have gained from previous experiences. Expression of your will in the right direction (the direction that is given to you by your own Spirit, Higher Self or simply intuition) can produce great results and satisfaction.

You should be careful though. Many people during this cycle find themselves living according to a strict schedule (home-work-home) and that they have almost forgotten how to truly enjoy life. You might get scared that you haven’t accomplished much by 30 years of age (as many people believe that this is the age when they should already have everything: family, house and fulfilling job) and you might even start trying harder when perhaps you need to stop.

You might also find yourself in full disappointment and depression since you didn’t reach the goals that you had set for yourself. It could lead to becoming passive (when it is actually the time to exercise your will) and you might even consider yourself a lost cause – the truth is that the real life hasn’t even started and you are just learning the tools and skills that will help you be happy and successful. Remember – it’s not about the destination, it is about the journey of reaching your full potential.

There are also those who are really scared of making decisions since they believe that it is their last chance to change anything in their life. The choice is once again quite simple – you either become an average member of society or you follow your heart and intuition in realizing your potential through exercising your creativity. You have to carry out inner elections and either vote for a stable boring life or life full of miracles and extraordinary events.

Once again, you are trying to find the correct way through trial and error, but his time you are testing your will and determination. Luck is always a bonus to the one who has courage, perseverance, faith, patience, and passion.  During this cycle, you get the chance to make your own choice – and give your final answer – material things or spiritual/creative journey.“


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