Cape Leeuwin

The next day I headed for Cape Leeuwin, with it’s beautiful white lighthouse. Here I was, after 4000 kilometers down the Australian West Coast, at ‘the end of the world’, once again. I walked over to the water where the Indian and Pacific Oceans met. This was the third time I was ‘at the end of the world’. Ushuaia – Argentina in 2008, Cape town – South Africa in 2010 and now South Western Australia. How many more places did I want to visit? I turned around and looked up towards a gigantic white lighthouse my ancestors left behind, and I thought about all the sailors that crossed these oceans over the centuries. Cape Leeuwin they called this place, Dutch for Cape Lioness. A little piece of home, all the way on the other side of the world. I stood there for a moment watching the oceans. I wondered what it was I was looking for. Or, was this wandering the earth just a purpose in itself? My ancestors had been globetrotters, and therefore maybe I was too.



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