The idea of ‘Surfing Life’

In 2014, my brother and I went on vacation to Morocco. One afternoon, I was watching him and his buddies ride the waves from the beach. He could just sit there in the ocean for hours, tons of waves rolled in, but only once in a while he decided to catch one. He patiently waited for the right timing, started paddling, let this one go, caught another one and fell off. A few minutes later he tried again, managed to stay on, rode one all the way to shore and came out to catch his breath.

Watching him surf made me realize that in surfing not every wave is for you, catching the right wave requires patience, and you won’t know if it is the right one until you catch it. Maybe you will fall off, and have to start all over again, or maybe it will be the ride you will remember for a lifetime.

What if you can learn how to ‘surf life’, I wondered. Finding your right frequency so to speak. Everything you do, every choice you make, every experience, can be like riding a wave. What if you can master surfing life like riding a set of waves?


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